Nowadays, the success of every organization depends more than ever on its internal communication. Important topics such as change, leadership, motivation or conflict handling cannot be managed without a clear and successful communication strategy. The whole situation becomes even more complex, when we are talking about international companies with an intercultural work environment. In this case, the proper preparation and understanding about the essential beliefs of the other cultures have an enormous impact on the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Our intercultural expertise, together with our interdisciplinary tools, help us to support many international companies in Mexico with the training and development of their employees. For those companies we also provide interpretation and translations services to assure a successful knowledge transfer during technical trainings. At the moment for instance, we are in charge of all required interpretations during the ramp-up of the BMW plant in San Luis Potosi.

Please contact us to find out more about or services and work strategies. We are more than happy to develop a concept that meets your organization’s needs, while proving that flexibility and commitment are key values for us. In the end it is all about UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE.

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Services available in English, Spanish and German:

German/Mexican culture

Intercultural resilience

Intercultural conflict management and problem solving

Intercultural time management and decision making

Intercultural consultancy with defining the cultural profile of a person

Managing organizational change in an intercultural environment

Giving successfully feedback in German/ Mexican culture

Staff turnover reduction program for Mexican employees

Intercultural impacts on structural development and function of organizations



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