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We see ourselves as a premium provider for intercultural services and translations that can help organizations to develop in a desired way. In that way we want to contribute to tolerance, cultural awareness and intercultural curiosity among the organization’s members, while helping the organization itself to achieve unity through diversity.

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The clear idea for this organization is to develop to one of the leading providers for intercultural services and translations in Central America and the Caribbean. Our expertise and commitment are hereby the basis for our permanent goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations. In that sense we are inspired by one of the essential beliefs in German culture, that hard work always pays off.

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Robert Schuller (Executive Director):

Robert Schuller grew up in Germany in an intercultural environment, as his mother is Canadian and his father comes from Romania. This fact can partly explain, why interculturality is - not only from a professional point of view - one of his main areas of interest.

He holds a master degree in Intercultural Communication, Sociology and Social Psychology from the Ludwig-Maximilian university in Munich. Apart from that he is also a certified Executive Coach from the International Coaching Community in London.

After returning from a work stay in Asia, Robert moved to San Luis Potosi in Mexico, where he has now been living since 2008. During this time, he provided intercultural services in various parts of Mexico for several companies like BMW, Ronal, ThyssenKrupp, Infineon, and Magna among others. So far, people from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Russia, the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, and South Africa have received his intercultural training and consulting services.

The personal experiences he has made in Mexico, together with his theoretical expertise, make him a real expert for intercultural consultancy and trainings in this country. He has designed and implemented different services for many clients and would be more than happy to come up with a concept that would meet your specific needs.